Outdoor Wood Concepts (Avelgem)
  • Roel Vandebeek

Innovation Case Study

Woodface is an innovative, solid timber wall facade concept with which you can create a fully customized facade. The facade cladding comes in three different widths and thicknesses. The solid timber slats are combined with a custom made aluminium profile resulting in more context, contents and meaning. All aluminum profiles are standard available in anodised or powder coated finishing.

Outdoor Wood Concepts (Avelgem)

Outdoor Wood Concepts is a department and registered trademark of Houtmagazijn Verdonckt, aiming at the design and manufacturing of wall cladding, decking and garden screens. Thanks to theĀ  combination of a clever marketing strategy with the development of innovative products and registered techniques such as special tongue and groove joints and integrated corner profiles, Outdoor Wood Concepts gained a leading position in the market of timber facade cladding. There are already over a 100 wood traders and distributers in Belgium, and a European network is being built.

Senior Designer:
Roel Vandebeek

Roel Vandebeek is an all-round designer working in very different fields, both in Belgium and abroad. His designs are always transparent, original and surprising. Although he mainly aims at product design and furniture design, he also likes to explore the boundaries with visual arts. He often collaborates with architects and has been asked to design public spaces on more than one occasion. His Soft Seat was awarded a Henry van de Velde Label in 2008.