Outdoor Lighting

TAL (Pittem)
  • Patrick Hoet

Innovation Case Study

During the 5X5® cooperation several materials were experimented with, ultimately resulting in an exclusive and remarkable lighting object for the outdoors. The use of metal foam provides for a unique play with light, adding to the quality of the outdoor space.

TAL (Pittem)

TAL (Technical Architectural Lighting) creates unique lighting systems for the world of today and tomorrow, ‘because light matters’. Their products, carried out to the smallest detail and executed in high-quality materials with an infallible knowhow, make for sublime lighting effects in industrial or commercial settings as well as in private houses. TAL has an in-house, specialised design team, delivering time and again strong designs that mark a radically new type of urban lighting.

Senior Designer:
Patrick Hoet

Patrick Hoet (BE, °1952) derives from a family of opticians. He decided to create his own designer glasses and launched the company Theo (anagram of Hoet) with his business partner Wim Somers. His designs gained international recognition and are worn by superstars such as Elton John. Hoet is nowadays more than ever experimenting and exploring new technologies such as 3D-printing, tapping into new markets and combining both boldness and vision in a broad range of products.